Voice Evacuation System

Voice Evacuation System

Broadcast clear, audible voice alarms and announcements during an emergency. With more than 80 years of global experience, TOA delivers high quality voice evacuation systems in Singapore with first-class sound.

Why Choose TOA's Voice Evacuation Systems?

► 1. Professional First-Class Sound

During emergencies, announcements from the evacuation PA systems must be clear and audible for evacuations to take place successfully. Our voice evacuation systems can broadcast above ambient noise levels and frequency range, allowing the sound to be heard from all directions.

► 2. Trusted Brand with a Global Portfolio

Founded in 1934, TOA has more than 80 years of experience in researching, developing, and selling professional audio and security equipment like voice evacuation systems. Whether in schools, airports or stadiums, our voice evacuation systems make millions of peoples' lives safer and more enjoyable.

► 3. Premium Components with International Certification

Made of premium components, our voice evacuation systems are as tough as they sound. TOA's quality management of voice evacuation systems, from design, development and production, has gained global recognition. We acquired the international standard certification for the ISO-9001 quality management system. 

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