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  • Design and Performance

    When background music plays an important part of your business, quality and reliability must also match performance. The TOA A-5000 Series digital mixer amplifiers have just everything you need.

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  • TS-690 Series

    Simple and compact yet high in performance.

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  • Exclusive R&D Interview

    Have you ever wonder what goes into the making of a product? Have a peek into the development of our new Wireless Meeting Amplifier.

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  • Providing you the reinforcement you need

    TOA HX-5 is an innovative modular speaker design that can provides high quality reinforcement and excellent coverage.

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  • Our catalogs gone digital!

    We are pleased to informed that our new catalogs are ready. It's now in improved digital versions. You can now click the product in the catalog to view more information from our website and download related materials.

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