• SR-F04 & SR-F08

    SR-F04 & SR-F08

    80 years of passion compiled into a speaker

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  • CS-760B and CS-760W two-way weatherproof music horn speakers

    CS-760B and CS-760W

    Two-way weatherproof music horn speakers

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  • TS-820 & TS-920 Series

    TS-820 & TS-920 Series

    Stylish, exception performance are not just the words use to describe the new range of Infrared Wireless Conference Systems. Its' interference-free ability, portability and voting function is remarkable. Check it out now!

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  • Exclusive R&D Interview

    Exclusive R&D Interview

    Want to know about the breakthrough of the CS-760? Check out this exclusive interview!

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  • A-3000D Series Digital Mixer Amplifier

    A-3000D Series Digital Mixer Amplifier

    We do our best to bring you what you desire...

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  • Smiles for the Public

    Smiles for the Public

    We bring you not just high-quality equipment but also first-class sound.

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