Voice Evacuation System
PA Speakers
Pro-Audio Speakers
Wired Microphones
Wireless Microphones
Conference System
Network Audio Adapters
Intercom System
Mobile Amplifiers
Audio Source Device
Rack-mount Equipment
Program Timer
Audio Signal Processors
AS Models (Region Exclusive)
Data Library
Here, TOA's Data Library equipped with a search engine offers its CAD drawings made out in pdf and dwg forms, EASE data, specification sheets, brochures, instruction and installation manuals, and a wealth of other product data for your downloading.
A&E Specification Download
A&E Specification download for consultants and system integrators.
TOA has been granted the
"ISO(BS 5750)" registration
in the 9000 series of Quality Assurance Standarts by the International Organization
for Standardization(ISO).
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